Complete Corporate Sign Program

It can be a daunting task when a corporation goes through a rebranding process. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of sites which need to be rebranded, often in a short time frame.  As an experienced wholesale sign manufacturer we have worked with a number of major sign companies on their corporate rebranding programs.

Wells Fargo Pan Formed Sign

We make it easy for any sign company to go through the signage rebranding process. To make the process efficient for project managers we have implemented our rebranding procedures, which help keep the project manager updated on the progress. Quality Manufacturing will provide the project manager with purchase order acknowledgements, installer instructions, instant progress reports such as product on hand, product shipped, and a live person shipping coordinator who can providing tracking reports. These are just some of the advantages when you choose Quality manufacturing for your next corporate rebranding program. Quality Manufacturing will help your sign company coordinate the rebranding process by manufacturing the necessary signage, shipping the signs to the installers, and working with the installers for a smooth install.

We have over 25 years of experience with handling corporate signage programs, and can create high quality custom signs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Quality Manufacturing can create any type of sign product your sign company demands. From aluminum signs, to custom plastic formed signs, Quality Manufacturing is ready to help your corporate sign program today.

To learn more about our Complete Corporate Sign Program, visit our website or contact us directly. We also post more sign news and company updates on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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Quality Mfg Extrusions

At Quality Manufacturing, we offer a wide-ranging line of aluminum extrusions, giving you more options when deciding on what profile and shapes you would like for your custom signs. Whatever the depth that your project needs, we can accommodate. From as narrow as 2 ¾” to as deep at 16”, we offer the best options in the industry.

We are fully equipped to provide simple components to special shapes and even complete signs. Our aluminum extrusion department has got you covered. Our inventory of extruded shapes is always growing and includes circles, round ends, radius corners, oval and many others. Our extrusion processes for these are economical and labor-saving.

We offer a full line of architectural post and panel products; standard size or custom made to fit your needs.  As an authorized wholesale fabricator, we proudly offer SigncompTM products and extrusions. Our experienced sales team work with engineers to guarantee that your sign will be engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. Our plant staff has undergone rigorous training to ensure that our products and your signs consistently meet the high-quality standards we adhere to and are UL approved.

To learn more about our aluminum extrusions download our catalog or contact us today. We also actively post company updates and more sign industry news on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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Special Shapes and Embossed Sign Faces

Special shapes and embossed sign faces are no problem for our vacuum forming department here at QMI. We also offer vacuum formed cabinets and cover faces that are in high demand today. Our volume based production makes our method very economical, but are also able to offer single runs.

We make sure that your customer’s brand will be highly visibly with our plastic Custom Shaped Signs. With specs up to 10’ x 18 ‘ ’ our pan faces and cabinets will be able to be seen without a problem. Our employees are the best in crafting custom signs, letters, flex-face signs, channel letters, advertising displays, neon signs and 3-dimensional props. Our experience and craftsmanship ensures the best visibility for your customer’s brand.

qmfg qmfg1

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Custom Plastic Thermoforming

As a wholesale sign manufacturer we have special capabilities that allows us to create custom plastic shapes. Our thermoforming services can fabricate a wide variety of plastic forms and shapes. The thermoforming process applies heat to plastic to make it pliable and shape it into a specific mold. At Quality Manufacturing we use this process to make a range of custom plastic signs.

Custom thermoforming wine glass

Let your imagination run wild and we’ll turn it into reality. Customers can simply send us a sketch or a more detailed drawing and we’ll help make it real. Our employees are well equipped to handle unique projects and we get excited to receive projects like a life size wine glass or salt shaker. We also handle every step of the design process from fabrication to delivery. We also offer single piece and prototype production.

Thermoformed Salt Shaker

Our deep draw allows us to make signs that other sign manufacturers can’t create. Our thermoforming technology has a 3D draw up to 48” and can create a range of shapes, including plastic sign faces, custom pan faces, cloud signs, and other special shapes.

See more examples of our custom plastic thermoforming, visit our website. We also post more signage industry news and company updates on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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Custom Three Dimensional Pan Face Signs from Quality Manufacturing

At Quality Manufacturing, fabricating custom plastic sign faces is our specialty. For over 50 years we have been working to develop the best practices to create wholesale plastic signs and we have perfected our skills to create pan embossed faces that show 3D characteristics. By using special forming technology and our 10’ x 20’ vacuum press we have the capabilities to create deep draws that not many other sign manufacturers are capable of doing.

Calumet 3D Pan Face Sign

Examples of our work 3D sign faces include the Calumet sign for a chain of gas stations in the Midwest. This particular custom sign face boasts a six inch deep draw, which is a very deep draw in our industry and not easily replicated by other wholesale sign manufacturers.

As a custom sign manufacturer we work with our clients to design the perfect sign. We encourage clients to send us their ideas or drawings and we will help turn them into a three dimensional sign. We can handle every step from the design to the fabrication and the delivery, keeping our clients up-to-date on the progress.

To find out more about how Quality Manufacturing can help you design and fabricate custom signage, visit our website. We also post more company updates and sign industry news on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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Another Successful ISA Sign Expo



The beginning of April was the annual ISA Sign Expo, which alternates locations each year from Nevada and Florida. We attend every other year when it’s held in Las Vegas to showcase our wholesale sign manufacturing capabilities. We want to thank everyone who stopped by Quality Manufacturing’s booth. This year we choose to display our custom embossed pan faces, which many of the attendees stopped to admire.


IMG_2492Our custom embossed pan faces is just one part of the sign industry we specialize in and as you can see from the photos we featured some of our favorite signs at our booth. Those who stopped by were able to meet with us face-to-face to discuss our custom sign manufacturing services. Attendees of the expo were also treated to an array of educational sessions and networking events.

For those of you who couldn’t make it out to the expo, you can learn more about custom embossed pan face signs, visit our website. As a wholesale sign manufacturer we have the experience and craftsmanship to create all types of custom signs for our clients.  Our in-house tooling department uses the latest technology to maintain tight controls on the specifications for a project, and as always we handle special shapes for embossed sign faces.

We also post more company news and sign industry updates on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages.

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Pan Formed Sign Faces by Quality Manufacturing

Wells Fargo Pan Formed Sign

When it comes to pan formed embossed faces there is only one solid choice, your partners at Quality Manufacturing. We have three different vacuum forming machines: 6’ x 8’, 8’ x 10’, and 10’ x 20’ that allow us to manufacture pan formed signs in a variety of sizes. We also house an array of plastics to meet our clients’ needs. Additionally, this can be beneficial for companies and their cost control margins.

Pan formed faces not only offer high visibility, but add rigidity to the plastic to help keep the sign faces in place. We can also form faces to create many 3D effects.

Our graphic department utilizes cutting edge technology, including design software and digital flat-bed printers to give our customers the widest range of decorating options possible. We can also decorate a pan formed sign by applying vinyl, paint, or digitally printing directly on the sign face. This combined with our in-house tooling department maintains tight controls to create special shapes.

To learn more about our plastic pan faces and custom vacuum forming capabilities, visit our website. We also post more sign news on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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A New Sign that Looks Old

There is a saying that says making the old new again; however at Quality Manufacturing we’re doing things a bit different for our clients. As you go on your holiday travels you may see one of our signs in the Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport. Although the vintage sign for Uptown Minnesota may look old, we helped to make this new sign that harkens back to the 50s’. We made this custom sign for Topline Signs who required a vintage look for the signage.

photo (6)

At Quality Manufacturing we were able to achieve this vintage appearance by utilizing a four layer extruded aluminum process. The faces are routed aluminum with chasing incandescent lamps which helps us achieve the vintage look. However, we used modern LED lights to internally illuminate the sign.

As a wholesale manufacturer we have extensive experience creating custom signs for clients who need a unique look. Our staff utilizes the latest technology to achieve our client’s requirements. To view more of our custom sign work, visit our website. We also actively post company updates and more sign industry news on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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Hitting the Links with Paul Bunyan

Golf Clubs


In addition to our custom sign work, we do work on a variety of other projects that showcase our rolling and forming capabilities. We recently completed a fun project of very large golf clubs that we like to think is well suited for likes of Paul Bunyan. Thanks to our custom aluminum fabrication capabilities we were able to fabricate these very large clubs. We boast an extensive line of aluminum extrusions which allows us to create a variety of shapes, where it is golf clubs or round ends or any other shape we can help.

Quality Manufacturing has been a wholesale manufacturer for over 50 years and our experienced staff has the ability to meet the demands of our customers and we utilize the latest technologies and engineering software to create signs and special projects. To view more of our custom work, visit our website and be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep updated on the latest at Quality Manufacturing as well as industry news.

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Leaders in the Plastic Sign Industry

At Quality Manufacturing we have been in business for over 50 years and our experience has allowed us to become leaders in the plastic sign industry with our work spanning everything from a sign for AT&T Global to a Chrysler badge faces. Our equipment, technology and customer service have earned us a reputation as a high quality wholesale sign manufacturer.

At our facility we house our own tooling department which utilizes state-of-the-art engineering software and CAD/CAM routers to design signs to our clients’ specifications. We also have thermoforming capabilities that allow us to fabricate a variety of plastic parts and shapes for a custom sign.

Additionally, we have recently added new painting booths that make it easy for us to paint large scale signs and with our new in-house painting facilities we are able to maintain tight control over the job to precisely paint complex designs and small spaces.

Bring us your design and idea and we’d be happy to work with you to turn it into a high quality sign. To view more examples of our plastic sign work, visit our website and take a look at our photo gallery. Additionally Quality Manufacturing is active on Twitter and LinkedIn where we post company updates as well as sign industry news.

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