Custom Plastic Thermoforming

As a wholesale sign manufacturer we have special capabilities that allows us to create custom plastic shapes. Our thermoforming services can fabricate a wide variety of plastic forms and shapes. The thermoforming process applies heat to plastic to make it pliable and shape it into a specific mold. At Quality Manufacturing we use this process to make a range of custom plastic signs.

Custom thermoforming wine glass

Let your imagination run wild and we’ll turn it into reality. Customers can simply send us a sketch or a more detailed drawing and we’ll help make it real. Our employees are well equipped to handle unique projects and we get excited to receive projects like a life size wine glass or salt shaker. We also handle every step of the design process from fabrication to delivery. We also offer single piece and prototype production.

Thermoformed Salt Shaker

Our deep draw allows us to make signs that other sign manufacturers can’t create. Our thermoforming technology has a 3D draw up to 48” and can create a range of shapes, including plastic sign faces, custom pan faces, cloud signs, and other special shapes.

See more examples of our custom plastic thermoforming, visit our website. We also post more signage industry news and company updates on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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