A New Sign that Looks Old

There is a saying that says making the old new again; however at Quality Manufacturing we’re doing things a bit different for our clients. As you go on your holiday travels you may see one of our signs in the Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport. Although the vintage sign for Uptown Minnesota may look old, we helped to make this new sign that harkens back to the 50s’. We made this custom sign for Topline Signs who required a vintage look for the signage.

photo (6)

At Quality Manufacturing we were able to achieve this vintage appearance by utilizing a four layer extruded aluminum process. The faces are routed aluminum with chasing incandescent lamps which helps us achieve the vintage look. However, we used modern LED lights to internally illuminate the sign.

As a wholesale manufacturer we have extensive experience creating custom signs for clients who need a unique look. Our staff utilizes the latest technology to achieve our client’s requirements. To view more of our custom sign work, visit our website. We also actively post company updates and more sign industry news on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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Hitting the Links with Paul Bunyan

Golf Clubs


In addition to our custom sign work, we do work on a variety of other projects that showcase our rolling and forming capabilities. We recently completed a fun project of very large golf clubs that we like to think is well suited for likes of Paul Bunyan. Thanks to our custom aluminum fabrication capabilities we were able to fabricate these very large clubs. We boast an extensive line of aluminum extrusions which allows us to create a variety of shapes, where it is golf clubs or round ends or any other shape we can help.

Quality Manufacturing has been a wholesale manufacturer for over 50 years and our experienced staff has the ability to meet the demands of our customers and we utilize the latest technologies and engineering software to create signs and special projects. To view more of our custom work, visit our website and be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep updated on the latest at Quality Manufacturing as well as industry news.

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Leaders in the Plastic Sign Industry

At Quality Manufacturing we have been in business for over 50 years and our experience has allowed us to become leaders in the plastic sign industry with our work spanning everything from a sign for AT&T Global to a Chrysler badge faces. Our equipment, technology and customer service have earned us a reputation as a high quality wholesale sign manufacturer.

At our facility we house our own tooling department which utilizes state-of-the-art engineering software and CAD/CAM routers to design signs to our clients’ specifications. We also have thermoforming capabilities that allow us to fabricate a variety of plastic parts and shapes for a custom sign.

Additionally, we have recently added new painting booths that make it easy for us to paint large scale signs and with our new in-house painting facilities we are able to maintain tight control over the job to precisely paint complex designs and small spaces.

Bring us your design and idea and we’d be happy to work with you to turn it into a high quality sign. To view more examples of our plastic sign work, visit our website and take a look at our photo gallery. Additionally Quality Manufacturing is active on Twitter and LinkedIn where we post company updates as well as sign industry news.

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New Custom Signage for a New Stadium

Stadium Signage

At Quality Manufacturing we work with a variety of sign companies to create custom signage and readers may remember our previous blog post about some of our custom plastic sign work. Recently we worked with AGI Signs to fabricate a 30 foot diameter bottle cap which will be placed in a sports stadium.

The cap was built to AGI Signs’ specifications which required us to form ABS plastic around the perimeter to simulate the look of a bottle cap and the outside perimeter is a quarter inch thick outdoor durable plastic.  To create the life-like look of the bottle cap we had to make a new tool, and our extensive tooling capabilities enabled us to fabricate the sign.

The bottle cap signage also features a Daktronics electronic message center in the middle to show high resolution messages and video. As a wholesale sign manufacturer creating custom signage such as this bottle cap, is our specialty and we adhere to the highest quality standards to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. To learn more about our custom sign capabilities or to request a quote, visit our website. We also encourage readers to follow us on Twitter for more sign industry news and company updates.

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Thermoforming Beyond the Signage Industry

Cargo Wave

As a wholesale sign manufacturer we are often talking about our standard sign face products, however we also do work outside of the sign industry and wanted to take a moment to talk about our thermoforming capabilities for other industries. One recent project we did consisted of fabricating the Cargo Wave for PN Products Incorporated. This is a towable storage boat that allows users to easily transport their items behind jet skis, kayaks, canoes, inflatables, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more.

This project highlights our custom thermoforming abilities as we can create an impressive array of forms, including plastic domes or hemispheres as well as custom plastic parts for the boat or auto industry. Our company has the ability to turn your drawing into a reality and our capabilities include custom plastic thermoforming with 3D draw up to 48 inches, single piece and prototype production, custom plastic cutting, plastic forming, plastic bending, and acrylic plastic gluing. We can also work with polycarbonate, chrome acrylic, cast acrylics, white plastics, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic.

To learn more about our thermoforming capabilities and to view past projects, visit our website. We can also be followed on Twitter and LinkedIn for company updates and industry news.

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Wholesale Plastic Signs from Quality Manufacturing

As a custom wholesale sign supplier we can help our customers design and manufacture high-quality, innovative custom signs. We have an in-house tooling department which allows us turn our clients’ drawings into a reality. With our CAD/CAM routers we can maintain tight controls over the specifications of a project. We also have an experienced staff that have all been trained in the latest sign fabrication techniques and utilize the latest technology to create a wide variety of custom signage.

We have experience with pan formed faces, monument signs, pylon signs, 3D signs, single face signs, channel letters, and more. Additionally, we can fabricate wholesale signs that feature LED lighting, solar powered signs, neon signs, and more.

The range of custom wholesale sign options means that our clients can use these signs for advertising displays in a variety of locations and are ideal for everything from restaurants, stadiums, churches, office parks, and school signs.

To learn more about our wholesale signage options and to see examples of our work, visit our website. Readers can also follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the signage industry and Quality Manufacturing news.

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Quality Manufacturing Makes Formed Channel Letters Easy

Channel Formed Letter

Channel Formed Letter Kit

As our name suggests, quality is our main focus and with our formed channel letter faces with returns we also make it easy for companies to get high visibility signage.  Wholesale sign companies can save time with our formed channel letter faces with returns kits.  The kit allows for the letter face to slip over the return, which eliminates the need for a metal or a plastic retainer, and lets the sign company easily assemble the letters.

Our in-house tooling department uses state-of-the-art engineering software and CAD/CAM routers which allow us to keep tight controls on the specifications of the project. This enables us to create special shaped letter sets and embossed faces.

At Quality Manufacturing we also specialize in a variety of signage options and when combined with our superior customer service, we have become a top wholesale sign manufacturer. Companies who are interested in our formed channel letter faces with returns kit can easily send us a vector art file and we will produce a same-day estimate for the kit. To learn more about our channel letter faces, visit our website to view examples of our work and to request a quote.

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